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Sunday, December 3, 2017


Isang netizen ang nagpost sa facebook account niya, pinuri ang kabaitan ni Angel Locsin.

Hindi akalain ng netizen na ito na si Angel Locsin pala ang may-ari ng SUV na nahagip niya. Narito ang kanyang pahayag.

"I had a chance to meet Ms. Angel Locsin last night in one of the restaurant parking lot in Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. I accidentally hit the side door of her SUV, as I was getting off the cab, as you all can imagine the parking situation in the said place was so tight."

"I was approached by her driver and PA about the incident not knowing that Ms. Locsin was still in the heavy tinted SUV. I humbly apologized and I asked them that I can talked to the owner of the car if settlement is needed, although there was no visible scratch or dent on their vehicle."

"Ms. Locsin graciously went out of her vehicle and of course I was star struck. With her calm voice she said that there is no settlement needed, she just want to make sure that I am okay. Wow, not only she's beautiful but I felt her sincerity from her heart. Thank you Ms. Angel Locsin, you amazed me, now I have more reason to follow your show, La Luna Sangre," ayon kay Matites.

Papuri ang inabot ng bida ng La Luna Sangre sa social media. Kaya nga maraming fans ang sumaludo sa kabaitan niya. Beauty, brains, God-Fearing, kind hearted and full of humility combined.

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