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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WOW! Angelica Panganiban Shows Off Her New TALENT!

Angelica Panganiban seems to be enjoying her birthday celebration. The actress turned 31 years old over the weekend and she made a point to mark the occasion with some ink.

On her Instagram, it looks like Angelica got three tattoos. The first is a small letter A followed by ellipses. Second is an angel on her right ankle. Third is a dainty lily of the valley on her right wrist.

But she didn’t stop there as she inked a small letter A on the arm of her tattoo artist Boots Brandon. She shared on her Instagram Stories how she loved her first try at being a tattoo artist and how she’s in a mini-competition with Bela Padilla. Apparently, Bela also gave Boots a tattoo of the letter B previously.

Will Angelica be dabbling more into being a tattoo artist? Or is the small stint just one of those things she wanted to tick off her birthday to-do list? Eitherway, it’s a cool way to welcome another year. Belated happy birthday, Angelica!

Watch this video below:

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