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Friday, November 3, 2017

Song-Song Couple Grand Wedding Expenses, Money Spent!

The Song-Song couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have spent this amount of money for their grand and yet intimate wedding.

According to a previous report, it was on October 31 when the much-anticipated and the much-awaited wedding of the Korean superstars has happened.

From being an on-screen partner in the hit Korean series “Descendants of the Sun”, they have become partners for real!

And just like how the series affected its viewers, their wedding and team-up for real took the people by storm.

The media has even dubbed the wedding as “the wedding of the century”.

Lee Kwang Soo, Park Bo Gum, and Yoo Ah In, three of the celebrities closest to the couple were in attendance and even has a special participation in the event.

Accordingly, “Park Bo Gum will play the piano at the Song-Song couple’s wedding.”

The said actor also has plans of congratulating the couple “by playing a meaningful song on this special day for Song Joong Ki, his most beloved hyung and sunbae.”

And now, according to a report from the Philippine  Entertainment Portal (Pep), the couple reportedly spent an estimated amount at least KRW100 million or PHP4.7 million.

But the source has made their own break down of expenses and here it goes:

Venue alone – PHP3.2 million or at least KRW70 million

Reception for their 150 guests (The menu listed the following: “assorted vegetables, sea cucumber dishes, beef in black bean sauce, wedding guksu (banquet noodles), tapioca pearl persimmon purée, and many others”) – KRW200,000 to KRW300,000 won/plate and a total of PHP1.4 million to PHP2.1 million.

Hye Kyo’s bouquet – at least KRW10 million or at least PHP460,000

venue’s floral decorations – KRW50 million to KRW80 million or PHP2.3 million to PHP3.7 million

Song Hye Kyo’s bridal gown – $30,000 or approximately PHP1.5 million

Joong Ki’s peak-lapel tuxedo from Dior Homme – at least $2,000 or approximately PHP105,000

Hye Kyo’s ring – HKD 31,000 or around PHP205,000

And in totality, it was estimated to be in between PHP9 million to PHP11.5 million.

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