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Friday, November 3, 2017

Philippines Receives Low Scores In Managing Corruption!

The Philippines receives low scores in managing corruption based on Millennium Challenge Corporation Fiscal Year 2018 Scorecard.

Nowadays, corruption is one of the government’s major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world, which brings the ordinary people to extreme poverty.

Despite the intensified campaign against corruption in the country, there are still some government officials and public servants who were practicing corruption in numerous forms including taking advantage of their position.

Recently, the Millennium Challenge Corporation Fiscal Year 2018 Scorecard shows how the Philippines government receives low scores in controlling the corruption in the country.

In the low-income group, the country scores 50 percent in controlling the corruption and scores zero and 47 percent in rule of law, indicating that the country did not meet the standard performance in that area.

However, the Philippines successfully met the standard when it comes to the effectiveness, which scores 80 percent while the freedom and information score 77 percent.

The country also scored 27 in the indicators political rights and a score of 27 in the civil liberties, showing how the government performed well in this aspect.

Here is the photo of scorecard from Millennium Challenge Corporation Fiscal Year 2018:

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