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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Isabel Granada FUNERAL VIDEO, Husband Almost Collapsed!

One of those painful feelings for a person is when one of your loved ones died, but knowing that you will never be with that person anymore is the most painful thing ever for a husband/wife who is left behind. If you are suffering from a heart broken, how much more do you think those people who have lost their partner and theres no way for them to be together because their other half is dead. Isabel Granada's husband, Arnel Principe-Cowley is facing that exact feeling right now. A video captured how he almost collapsed in his wife's funeral. He has also been emotional in his post for her wife.

Oh how I wish that I can hold you around my arms again.
Oh how I wish that I can have another day with you.
Part of me also died the day you left me.
You are my true love and will always be.
I Love You so so much and miss you being beside me always. You have given me happiness since the day we reunited again.
I wish that we could have been together forever. My Baby Isabel Granada -Arnel Principe-Cowley.

Watch this video below:

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