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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Erwan Heussaff Net Worth House - 2017

Before Erwan married Anne, him and his family have been living here for almost 31 years, the Heussaffs bought it only in 2009.

On the overall look of their house, is mix and match of everything.

It was Erwan's mom, an interior designer-wannabe, who personally chose the furnishings inside the house.

Images of Buddha and Buddhist monks won't go unnoticed since they're all over the house.

It's a collection of their father Louis Paul throughout the years.

The dining area, along with the kitchen, is Erwan's haven.

Erwan, the cook in the family, is the youngest of the three siblings.

The den is where they usually hang out.

Their informal living area or sitting area features some of the paintings bought by his dad.

This area adjacent to the upstairs living room doubles as a home office and a library. The open door room leads to Erwan's private space.

Located beside the pool, the Heussaffs has a cabana for the guests. It has a living area, a small kitchen, and a bar. The spot also doubles as the kids' recreational room.

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