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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Xander Ford Slams A Basher On His Latest IG Post, Receives Various Reaction!

The internet star Xander Ford receives various reactions on his latest Instagram post and responds to a basher.

Ever since Xander Ford has come out, it seems like controversies have never left him.

Coming from his decision of having plastic surgery to enhance his physical look down to the recent one, the video which caught him bashing the Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo.

And it seems in his every move, people were watching out for possible mistakes.

But Xander Ford seems brave for facing all the bashing about him and the people who bash him.

And now his recent Instagram post might have triggered something for the netizens have reacted to it.

His recent post is a photo of him while performing and has a written caption which says, “ang maging succesful lang ang tangi kung pangarap.”

One netizen, a certain @rolfheaven commented, “[habang] buhay kanamen ibabashh.”

To which Xander has replied, “Habang buhay din ako sisikat.”

Read other comments obtained from the post below:

From @arnie20275109, he has indicated, “Shut up!di na mangyayari yan..kung ganyan ka din lang.”

From @ateng_thenay67, “Just pray, believe in yourself, work hard ang be positive so you’ll see your success.”

From @janefelicitysantos, “Ang pagsikat Ng isang artista pinaghihirapan Yan Hindi Yung mandadawit k Ng mga sikat na artista pra sumikat ka. Baguhin m muna ugali mo.”

From @iamkryssteldawntraza, “Be HUMBLE, Be KIND, Be GENEROUS, Be RESPECTFUL, Be REAL, BE YOU. Cause they will LOVE YOU IF YOU ARE YOU”

From @lalalalalaje, “Its true. mayabang ka. accept that fact then change. kung lagi mo lang binabalewa ang mga sinasabi sayo at dinedeny mo ang mag pagkakamali mo hinding hindi mo rin makikita kung ano yung dapat na baguhin sayo”

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