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Monday, October 9, 2017

Xander Ford Apologizes To Ogie Diaz Over His Social Media Post!

The controversial celebrity Xander Ford has issued an apology to the Filipino comedian Ogie Diaz over his social media post.

Previously, the former member of boy band “Hasht5” Marlou Arizala or now known as Xander Ford has been one of the most controversial and most talked about celebrity in the country due to his plastic surgery.

Xander ford was still receiving criticism from his bashers in the social media despite the success of his total transformation, which gives him stunning looks. The latter was being bullied because of his alleged attitude problem.

Earlier, the 20-year-old celebrity disproves the claims of his arrogance on his previous social media post and insisting that Diaz was allegedly putting him on the bad light. However, the talent manager has responded to the Xander Ford and give a positive reply to the latter.

Recently, the internet sensation has apologized to the Filipino comedian/talent manager Ogie Diaz over his social media post expressing his sentiments


The YouTube novelty issue an apology to Ogie Diaz after realizing his wrongdoings and accepted the advice of the veteran comedian.

The Facebook page “Star Image Artist Management,” the talent agency who handles Xander also released a statement regarding the issue.

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