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Friday, October 20, 2017

WATCH: Xander Ford’s Message To Maris Racal And Other Celebrities Who Bashed Him!

Xander Ford, formerly called Marlou Arizala, revealed his message to young actress Maris Racal and other celebrities who bashed him on social media after his controversial video circulated.

Former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala is now known as Xander Ford. Based on a report, he underwent cosmetic procedures to enhance his physical appearance and get away from being bullied.

Dr. Eric Yapjuanco of The Icon Clinic was the one who performed the cosmetic procedures to Xander and his new face was first introduced on Rated K. Undeniably, the revelation of the new face of the former Hasht5 member took the social media by storm.

While there are those who were surprised by the changes in the physical appearance of Xander, there are also those who expressed negative comments about him.

Recently, Xander Ford has been the center of controversy after his video wherein he is body-shaming actress Kathryn Bernardo leaked. It sparked negative comments from netizens and even from other celebrities.

According to the report, Xander has apologized to Kathryn for what he has done when he was still Marlou. He also expressed his hope that the young actress would give him another chance.

Based on a video posted by Random Republika on Youtube, Xander Ford has recently expressed his message to actress Maris Racal and other artists who bashed him on social media.

In an interview with Random Republika, Xander expressed that he was close before to Maris and the Girltrends. According to him, he thought that they won’t react to matters like that which he described as simple.

Xander said that he now knows that simple reactions and simple mistakes can really spark judgment. Based on the video, he apologizes to Maris if he has done something to her and he also apologizes to other artists who are mad at him.

The former Hasht5 member was also asked during the interview about the lesson he got from what happened.

“Hindi lahat ng bagay na pwede mong sabihin ay sasabihin mo at sa one hundred na tao na magiging kaibigan mo, isa lang ang magiging totoo kaya kung gagawin mo yun isarili mo na lang at huwag mong iintindihin ang sinasabi ng iba,” Xander Ford said.

Wach this video below:

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