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Monday, October 9, 2017

VIRAL: A Netizen's Remark About the Students Overstaying in Starbucks Gains Negative Reactions!

A certain netizen made known their opinion on students overstaying in coffee shops. And we can say that it was'nt nice. This issue has been lingering for a long time and there still no definitive answer to what all coffee shops can do. But to this person's dismay, a big company like Starbucks will never say no to its customers, whether they have paid or not.

A certain female netizen took to Facebook to share her opinion about this overstaying of students issue in Starbucks. She said that education is very important but she hopes that Starbucks would not be treated as a review center. She said that these students should give way for families who want to relax, sometimes they are the ones with childrens and elderly people in tow.

The female netizen encouraged them to feel a bit of shame for overstaying. She called out the practice of having a big group stay at the shop but only a few people will order a drink. Once the "tall" beverage they ordered is finished, they will ask only for a cup of water (which is free) but proceed to charge their cellphones and connect to WIFI.

She said tha the large group of peopel often prevent her from enjoying the place and its ambiance. The netizen ended the rant by saying:

"Sabi nga nila "walang basagan ng trip" well wala akong paki alam, mag-trip kayo if hindi kayo nakakacause ng hassle sa iba! Go ahead! Pero Starbucks coffee shop is not even their property."

After posting the rant, it went viral as expected. Comments and reactions came in but they probably were'nt what this netizen was expecting. The netizens defendend the students who review at the coffee shops and criticize the post and the also the female netizen who posted it. There were those who told her to mind her own business and let others use public property as they see fit. 

Here's some of the netizens reaction:

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