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Monday, October 9, 2017

VIRAL: Julia Barretto’s Check-Up Photo With Pediatrician Receives Mixed Reactions!

The young Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto’s photo during a medical check-up with her pediatrician has received various reactions from the people of the online community.

Being a celebrity is indeed not an easy task for, at some point, some people are eyeing every little thing you do and even the brand of the clothes you wear and even bags that they carry.

A celebrity may get himself or herself millions of fans but another they could not escape are the people who never run out of words to criticize them.

And lately, the photo uploaded by Julia’s mother, Marjorie Barretto, has received mixed reactions from the people of the social media community.

The photo depicted Julia in a medical check-up because of her sickness and the caption said, “She’s already 20 yrs old, but she still goes to our pediatrician every time she’s sick.”

Thus, this has ignited several reactions from the netizens.

The comments obtained from the post itself states for the fast recovery of the young actress.

But when the same photo has been posted on the site of the Fashion Pulis, this has quite received several reactions.

Some were wondering why on a pediatrician, a doctor for children.

Some were also even asking why Marjorie was with Julia during check-up but was not there when Dani, her daughter as well, was rushed to the emergency room.

Here are some of the comments from the site of Fashion Pulis:

Choice nila yun kung gusto nila na magstick sa family physician. Kung hindi kaya ihandle ng doctor yung case ng patient, irrefer siya sa ibang physician. Tapos ang problema.

Pero nung si dani ang nagkasakit, di man lang masamahan. Dani doesn’t even exist on marj’s ig feed.

See other comments below:

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