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Monday, October 16, 2017

This Photo Of President Duterte During His Rest Day With Brother, Friend Goes Viral!

The photo of President Rodrigo Duterte during his rest day together with his brother Bong Duterte and Dong Centeño goes viral online.

Most Filipino knows that President Duterte was living a life of an ordinary citizen of the Philippines, unlike the other presidents who were living a luxurious life while sitting at their country’s highest position.

Duterte’s frugal lifestyle has earned the sympathy of most Filipino people prompting them to vote him as the country’s president hoping that he could make the Philippines a better country.

Recently, the Facebook page “MOCHA USON BLOG” has uploaded the photo of Mr. Duterte while having his rest day, which immediately goes viral after it was posted in the social media.

In the photo, it can be seen that the president was lying on his bed inside the bedroom together with his brother Bong Duterte and friend Dong Centeño.

President Duterte proves that he lives a simple life through living like an ordinary Filipino while lying in the bed without a shirt. The “Kulambo” (Mosquito Net) was visible installed on his bed.

The netizens also lauded the president for his simple way of living and frugal lifestyle. Here are some of the comments:

Helen Grace Bautista: “Sa scenario na yn,cno mg-akala na Pangulo yn ng Pilipinas, nkpakasimpli,wlang pgkukunari,at totoong-tao!one in a kind”

Kazlyn Kaz: “Relax kau c tatay oi..you deserved it tatay pahenga din pag may time..ang pogi ni tatay kaht may edad na…i love you tatay..”

Jemelyn Terol Anadio: “ Napaka cool ni pangulog Duterte..walang ka arte arte..hindi na need ng magandanh kwarto..basta may mahigaan lang siya ok na sa kanya..love you tatay Digong..Go..go..go..”

Estrelita Amper: “Yan mahal na Pangulo bonding2 din pag may time,,hwag mo na isipin yung naninira syo,,,ipa sa Dios na natin ang lahat,,,,,we love you Mr.President,,,Jesus is with you always amen,”

Yasmin Sultan: “AbAh nakakulambo p c tatay thanks tay God bless you and Kya m yan kht ano pang binabato ng Mondo malalampasan m dhl s solid do30 parin”

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