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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sandara Park, Mario Maurer And Other Celebrities Support Campaign Against Cyber Bullying!

Sandara Park, Mario Maurer and other artists may it be from the local or international scheme support the campaign against bullying of this famous clothing line.

Bullying is indeed a never-ending topic and issue of the society.

It can happen to anyone in just anywhere in a lot of forms may it be physical, verbal, emotional, or even social.

Bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions on purpose, usually more than once, feels bad because of it, and has a hard time stopping what is happening to them.

There might be no legal definition of this term but it means of hurting someone at certain aspects such as race, religion, gender, or any other aspect such as appearance or disability.

Thus, the Penshoppe, a famous clothing brand based in the Philippines, established in 1986, have raised a campaign against the said issue.

And with its famous endorsers, the campaign aims to spread awareness about the matter and be not afraid to be different.

Sofia Andres

“Just be yourself! Just being myself with all the good values I’ve learned – the difference follows.”

Loisa Andalio

“Huwag kang matakot, just be yourself.”

Ronnie Alonte

“Okay lang maging iba. Magpakatotoo ka. Pakita mo kung ano ka.”

Tanner Mata

“You don’t always want to fit in. When you stand out, you’re unique. You can make the world unique. You could change the world around you and change the views around you.”

Bella Hadid

“Different is good. Different is great. Different is awesome.”

Cameron Dallas

“Everyone has a different personality and everyone thinks differently.”

Sandara Park

“I don’t wanna be like everyone else.”

Mario Maurer

“Always try to be something more than the usual.”

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