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Friday, October 27, 2017

Robby Tarroza Criticize Famous Press People On Fake News Stating Isabel Granada’s Death!

Robby Tarroza was in fury as he lambasted several famous press people for allegedly spreading fake news indicating the death of Isabel Granada.

In a previous report, it has been indicated that the actress Isabel Granada has fallen into a state of comatose after collapsing and suffering from cardiac arrest.

The actress also had massive internal bleeding in the head and Aneurysm.

And based on a follow-up report, her husband, Arnel Cowley, revealed what has happened to his wife.

Through a post on his account on a certain social media site, Arnel indicated, “To all family and friends, please pray for my wife Isabel Granada who is in ICU at Doha Qatar in a critical condition.She suffered from a brain [hemorrhage] which indicates [an aneurysm] and in turn affected her heart. She collapsed suddenly without warning yesterday afternoon and is still not responding. I have released this statement to end inaccurate speculations during this hard time for myself and the rest of the family and I would also like to thank the people that’s supporting me here in Doha.”

Clearly, the actress is still alive and is still fighting.

She may be in a coma state but is now accordingly stable and is having little improvements in her condition.

And Robby Tarroza, on his Facebook, has lambasted at least three press people mentioning their names for allegedly spreading fake news indicating the demise of the actress.

One of his posts said, “May nagsabi sa skin si cristy fermin daw nagkakalat ngayon na patay na si Isabel Granada. So [dapat] kapit tayo buong bayan at ipagdadasal natin na sana si Cristy Fermin nalang ang mamatay. Isama pa nya si jobert sucaldito! Tang dalawang hudas ang dapat mamatay.”

And on another post is where he shared a shot of a certain write-up wrote by Noel Ferrer which has a title, “Isabel Granada pumanaw na”.

It has then entailed with a  caption that says, “I never said this! This article is quoting me and its the wrong info. Hay Noel Ferrer i hate drugs!!! Some press [people] shouldn’t be press! And why did you kill Isabel Granada Noel? Di ba may batas na tayo about spreading fake news?”

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