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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Nadine's Father, Ulysses Lustre Gets Semicolon Tattoo, Photo’s Caption Intrigues Netizens!

Nadine Lustre’s father, Ulysses Lustre, got a semicolon tattoo but the caption of the photo is what caught the attention of the people of the social media community.

Roughly a week ago, the news has been broken down with allegations that the 16-year-old brother of Nadine Lustre died because of committing suicide and is reportedly due to depression.

The 16-year-old brother of Nadine is Isaiah Lustre, is just a high school student has allegedly taken his own life by shooting himself dead inside his room.

According to a previous report, it was also his room where his two other siblings heard two loud gunshots and his body bathed in his own blood and in critical condition was found.

He was rushed to a medical institution but was announced dead upon arrival.

The authorities have accordingly recovered 2 live ammunitions of caliber 380 to which, according to the source, was used by the victim to commit such mishap.

And probably as part of the grieving phase over the great loss, the father Ulysses Lustre got himself a tattoo of a semicolon which means to just keep going.

It has been shared posted on his Facebook account.

However, the caption of the post is what caught the attention of the people of the social media community.

The caption tells, “I shout to everybody, the awareness. I’m planting seeds to stop the pain of loss thru depression. This is a battle against unforseen enemy. I believe that if we know the sickness we can have a cure. I heed the support of everyone to go on. Your likes and share will help me to go on. Thank you.”

When it was posted on the site of the Fashion Pulis, it has ignited various reactions from the netizens

Here are some of the netizen's reaction:

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