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Monday, October 16, 2017

Kathryn Bernardo’s new look WOWS netizens!

Kathryn Bernardo surprises everyone with her new hair. She showed up in social media sporting a new hairstyle.

The new do featured a shorter cut than what Bernardo previously had. Her now shoulder-length hair had also been completely straightened.

The actress' short hair makes her younger and fiercer.

Her new hairstyle was the work of stylist and makeup artist Sunmark Retiro Alonsabe. Bernardo’s photos first came out in the hairstylist’s Instagram page. 

Bernardo previously had long wavy locks which cascaded down to her lower back.

This made it somewhat difficult to tuck under a short-haired wig for her role in the early episodes of her TV series “La Luna Sangre”.

With her new hair style, the actress will have more ease and flexibility when preparing for various looks for various roles.

Netizen's can't help but to compliment her new look. Here's some of their comments:

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