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Friday, June 16, 2017

Scout Ranger Snipers vs ISIS Snipers

We are now on the 26th day of the Marawi siege and the battle continues. Terrorists have deployed snipers that took many of our casualties. Scout Ranger snipers were also deployed to take them down. It is now a battle between snipers. Snipers versus snipers.

According to reports as of yesterday,our snipers accounted for 82 actual hits on the ISIS.
We have a different battlefield in Marawi City, It is urban warfare which more complicated than jungle warfare. It is a house to house combat or we call it close quarter combat.It is battling the enemy in the jungles of urban infrastructures.It is high risk. Both for defensive and offensive operations, sniper tactics are very effective.Two or more enemy snipers can stop or delay an advancing army.One of the best models for this type of tactics is the Battle of Stalingrad where Russians snipers stopped the advancing German army in WW2.

This is one reason why clearing is relatively slow. Snipers have to be neutralized first and their position to be demolished before ground forces can move and maneuver.
The Scout Rangers have the best snipers, they can take care of these Maute snipers.We just hope and pray that they can do it faster so that clearing operation can be done immediately.Please cover our SR snipers with your mighty prayers.

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