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Sunday, June 18, 2017

President Duterte : Maute Group Leaders are Politicians

Duterte said to his speech that the terorist group leaders are funded by Politicians with the help Indonesia and Syrian Malaysia, Sri Lankan terrorists are helping the Maute group and that is the danger of ISIS group.

He added that these terrorist groups are corrupted with the wrong beliefs they believe that the non believers should all die. Duterte said that its hard to fight people who wants to die. And Duterte said his grandmother is a Maranao and was Islam and they are practicing ISLAM as a religion but not the the ISLAM imported from Ideologist from middle east.

Duterte told his armed forces that he is behind their backs, and he will try that all army's children will have the money if they live or die no matter what happened ad he planned to get trust funds worth 50B pesos to sustain the needs of the AFP's children to get benefits they needed.

He promised that he will have this 50 billion fund before he step down in his position
he added that all hospitals have M.I.R and all generators can sustain Cagayan as well as in Jolo.

And they can use the presidential plane for the wounded soldiers. He will make sure that all their sons would be a good soldier in the future.

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