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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Jed Madela Shows How Mad He is to the People who Give Malice to Him and Darren Espanto!

Jed Madela admits that he is affected and sad towards his bashers since the friendship of him and Darren Espanto is getting cold because the fans and bashers are giving malice to that friendship. It was started when they did a cover of the song "I'll Be There."

Since Jed Madela is active supporter of Darren Espanto because the kid is so talented and need to be guided, Jed has stopped supporting Darren and even seeing him because he is aware that the kid's career might affected if he continuously seeing Darren. According to Jed he can't understand why people tend to give malice when he's only supporting the young singer. Jed says that ever since he treats Darren as his young brother and he is so proud that Darren achieved so much in young age.

Jed Madela also admits that Darren and him isn't okay they only greet "hi and hello" unlike before that they always joking around just like brothers or to that a best friend. Since they were closed to each other Jed and Darren talked about this issue and just chose to not to see each other for a moment to avoid the issue. You can watch the video  for the full details. (Showbiz Tsismis Youtube Channel)

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