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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Duterte is ready to pull out the troops

Predsident Rodrigo Duterte is ready to pull out troops from Marawi city if the Supreme Court orders him to do it as he speaks in Media in Butuan CIty last June 17,2017.Duterte said he will immediately pull out all the troops in Marawi if the sumpreme Court declares the 
martial law declaration has no basis.

But the president,warned that if the violence in Mindanao and he declares martial law
for the second time,he would do it by his way and no one can stop him.He added it would be the same Martial Law that Ferdinand Marcos was has been accused for the human rights violations.

The president likewise made it clear that if and when there is rebellion again and the public safety is at risk,He would gladly declare Martial Law.He addedthe martial law will not end if there still gunfires.

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