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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Discovery Channel with its new TV Series "Manhunt"

Discovery Channel Launches its newest TV series,together with Joel Lambert - a former U.S Navy Seal also an expert in evasion and escape tactics.

Lambert's mission is to capture while being hunt by the six elite units
from six different countries within the designated area composed by the U.S Army's Phantom Recon Unit USA, the Staz Granicza border of Poland,South African International Anti-Poaching Foundation,an elite anti-drug unit from Panama,National SWAT Unit of South Korea,and last but not the least the Philippine Army Scout Ranges.

Lambert must reach a designated extraction point within 48hrs while being track down
by these elite units,the new series' last was shot in the Philippines,wherein
Lambert will be track down by our Scout Ranger led by Lt.Jersion Jurilla in Subic Zambales
while the hunting will happen.

Lambert started with diversionary tactics and the Scout Rangers started hunting him down
as soon as they found the boot left by lambert and Unfortunately skills didnt work because
of the environment he just faced,and a few kilometers from the extraction point,Lambert
was captured by the Philippines Scout Rangers.

According to Lambert,the Scout Rangers were the best as he speaks to the media,He said;
the Philippine episode is one of the most difficult as far doing the series and also
he said thr other epiSodes shot in South Africa,Poland,Panama,Arizona and SOuth Korea where he managed to escape the elite units but he didnt mentioned which units he escaped.

Executive producers Brian Knappmiller and  Eddie Barbini were amazed how they track down Lambert. Knappmiler said “What standout to me about Army’s Scout Rangers is that without a lot of assets, these dudes can track I think anybody through the jungle. They would literally bend down and smell the end of a broken twig and be able tell you how long has been someone passed by and that is was amazing to see.” Barbini said that he was “blown away” by how the Scout Rangers worked together. And he also pointed out that “Their strongest asset is the ability to sustain themselves in this harsh environment. These guys can move through jungles unlike anyone has ever seen.

Lambert says that he is willing to take on Lt. Jurilla’s team again on a rematch if was given a chance and vows he will escape them this time.

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