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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Confirmed Leni Robredo flies to U.S

Sassot posted a photo confirming Robredo's speech in an event held in Glendale,California.Many of the netizens are upset about Leni Robredo is doing while there is such crisis in Marawi city.

Some of the netizens bashed the vice president,for not doing her job,some is still asking for her travel expenses for the past year this contradicts the executive order on Freedom of Information that aims to make government transactions public,the Office of the Vice President has repeatedly denied access in her documents.

Overall,netizens are not happy with this they compare Robredo to our beloved ROdrigo Duterte who actively fixing what is need to be fix. Doing all he can to protect his people in Marawi while the Vice President traveling for nonsense engagements thats not related in any smidge beneficial for the country.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, such obvious propaganda by Duterte Supporters..... Marawi is 100% Duterte's fault in the first place, and you want him to receive credit for a problem HE caused? Plz.... He's a wannabe dictator and he will be inevitably impeached, and all of you stooges that are in lockstep with him will follow him straight to Hell... So hold on to him tightly, it's a long fall...


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