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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Chiz defended Duterte for his absence!

Senator Escudero defended our president Rodrigo Roa Duterte for his absences few days ago,president received a lot of criticims about being absent for almost five working days. 

"Its not against the constitution" said by Chiz and he added there no such law that prohibits any public officer to take a little break he even said that id doesnt mean that the President is not doing his job.Chiz also said if the president has serious illness the public must know his real condition based on the constitution but if there none Duterte doesnt need to.

Like what Duterte said in his previous speeches " I am already 70 yearsold,your grandfather your father's illness thats what i am having but is normal.

Criticisms started in his absence last Independence day june 12,2017 many rumors spilled in social media like Duterte is having serious illness.Opposition urged Duterte to explain what is his real condition but malacanang explained that the president is just tired and needs some rest.

On friday the President's first appearance he joked "Nasa kama lang ako. Kayo lang nagsabi na-coma ako… Wrong spelling man ‘yan… Kung na-coma ako, magtindig kaya ako para mamut*ngin"

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