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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Look: Heartbreaking Scene; A Native Igorot Being Rejected To Ride in a Bus by a Racist/Judgmental Driver Saddens Many Netizens!

These photos that have been uploaded on social media rapidly being shared by many netizens after seeing that the pictures seem to be a heartbreaking. These pictures express how cruel, rude and racist some people. The bus driver seems to be stoned-hearted after refusing the innocent Igorot man to ride the bus.

Take a look the innocent Igorot man's face after the bus' driver refused him to get in the bus. Those face reactions can really touch and break your heart without a word not only you but most of the people who already saw the pictures of him being rejected.

We still not sure if the meaning of the pictures we see are true, there still possibility that the Igorot man don't know how read and just asks the driver if he's in the right bus to reach his destination and it could be the driver told him that the bus isn't the right bus to ride on. Below are the said picture see it yourself!
He was standing along with other passengers.

We're not sure but he looks like asking for the bus destination! 

Apparently he wasn't able to ride!

Waiting for another bus, possibly!

Concerned netizen reached out the bus company FB page! 

They responded immediately!

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