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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hospital Patient Possessed by a Demon?! Watch at Your Own Discretion!

     A man was admitted to a hospital for a gunshot wound in his cheek, suddenly he started saying weird things which made him look like he got possessed by a demon. His stance is even scary as he imitated a Minotaur. Some says that he's gotten into drugs, however someone asked his friend to translate what the possessed man was saying.


One of them is praying the Our Father and tries to expel the "devil" with words,
"You are not powerful! Jesus is bigger than you! God is greater!"
While the disturbed man laughs, grunge and provokes saying:
"I know Bibilia better than you."
The man asks "who are you?"
"You're corrupt! Hit me! Kill me! Hit me!"
-How holy is that? What's up?
- Lucifer
- Lucifer? Are you incorporated by Satan? I want to see if it will save your life!
- Beat!
"I will not beat you, not because God is greater!"
"My" horse "is innocent. Was walking. I brought my horse here ...
I will not do anything with you, I just do not want you to touch my horse.
He's innocent. He was innocent, He suffered cowardice,
- Come back, go back to where you were, let go of this body.

This happened between the borders of Brasil and Paraguay. Supposedly a man attacking other people and trying to "eat...
Posted by Xavier Hunter on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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