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Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Couple Found a Hidden Lunchbox Behind The Ceiling in Their House! Check the Contents of the Box Here!

     An American Family has been living in a 1940's era house for some years already, and since the foundations have been weakening they've decided to renovate the said house. When it was time for the basement to be renovated, they've found a gray-green lunchbox in the ceiling beams.

     The lunchbox is covered with a thick layer of grime which indicates that the lunchbox has been there for quite some time. A moldy shoelace holds it together. The couple decided to get it for their curiosity.

     The box contains several packages which is wrapped in wax paper, and underneath it was a deeply yellowed newspaper that is dated way back from March 25, 1951. The couple decided to unwrap the packages and looks like someone hoarded cash there that totals up to $23,000!

     The couple hired a lawyer in order to find out the owner of the house, however the elderly woman who owned the house has already passed away, which makes the couple the owner of the money. The family were happy about it, and immediately invested it for further renovations of their house!

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