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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Watch: Would You Do This To Your Best Friend Even If He/She Stole Your Clothes?

This video upsets many netizens, a video of a 2 women were known to be best friend. The story behind this heartbreaking video will make you sad.

According to the netizens the woman who's being beaten and known to be a black, is a best friend of the lady who hit her and she's also black.

The reason behind this is that, her best friend stole her best friend's clothes and money but it makes everyone upset. She could've just helped her and not making her best friend being publicly embarrassed.

You can watch the video below!
Girl Gets BEATEN BADLY . . . After Stealing Cheap Clothes From...
Teenage Girl Is Beat Up By Her BEST FRIEND . . . After She STOLE Her Friend's MONEY . . . And Her CLOTHES!! (Did The Best Friend Go TO FAR . . . Over Those CHEAP Clothes??)
Posted by Mediatakeout on Saturday, February 4, 2017

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