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Monday, February 27, 2017

Watch: Walmart Security Treats Black Man Like A CRIMINAL!!!

This video has gone viral after the footage has been uploaded on social media, a white woman who appears to be a security guard has attacked the black man racially. One of the netizens has said this at the comment section of the post and got 5k likes.

Dave Thompson: This guard needs to be fired, and this customer needs to sue Wal-mart for racially profiling.....In these days and times, How dare Wal-mart allow this to happen!!!! take this to the local news. TV, paper, Radio, don't stop until this piece of shit of a woman is Fired and labeled as a Racist Cunt!!!!!
Watch the video below.
Walmart Security Treat Black Man Like A CRIMINAL!!!
Walmart Security Guard RACIALLY PROFILES Black Man . . . And Follows Him Around The Store . . . Like He's A CRIMINAL!!! (This Happened In Walmart In Canada)
Posted by Mediatakeout on Monday, 27 February 2017

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