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Sunday, February 26, 2017

She Lost Her Daughter Because of a Mistake on Facebook! Must See!

     We always get friend requests every now and then on the social media site called Facebook, and some of them are strangers who we don't know at all. However you judged the person based on his/her profile picture and decided to accept the request, since it's just Facebook, and what could ever go wrong in it?

     A mother is very excited for her daughters first day of school, so she decided to upload pictures of her and her daughter with the background of the school itself, and wrote it with a caption of "What a day! Unbelievable how big my sweetheart has become." She uploaded it and voila it's done.

     The stranger that she added a few days ago can see the pictures that she uploaded, saved it and posted it to an online catalogue and send it to thousands of men around the world with the caption "Youngblood, American Girl. Not even 6! Only 10,000 dollars!"

     After a few weeks, she was going to pick up her daughter, however she's nowhere to be seen. She looked everywhere, asking almost everyone if they've seen her daughter, but sadly they don't know anything.

Here's a note to everyone, please stop accepting friend requests from total strangers. Be vigilant!

Source: WeeklyHealthyLife

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