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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Reason Why The 12-year Old Girl Committed Suicide Will Shock You!

     Katelyn Davis, known for her recent live suicidal act that went viral a few days ago has actually a story about why she committed suicide. According to her previous posts on her Facebook, she was suffering from domestic violence from her stepfather who abused, and molested her and even her younger siblings.

     Her stepdad would also call Katelyn stupid and would tell her to "just kill yourself." Aside from those, he hits her with belt strap with silver knuckles which makes her arm bleed.

     Her aunt decided to speak about Katelyn, which was the side that they loved and knew for 12 years. According to her aunt, Katelyn was smart and creative. At the age of 2 years old she knows how to count in both English and Spanish, she also wrote a book at a young age and she was good in memorizing things such as prayers. Katelyn was a consistent honor roll student and was even invited to go to Washington, because of her brilliant mind and intelligence.
     Katelyn, on her creative side, has a great voice who loves singing and loves drawing. Her aunt revealed that Katelyn has been suffering from depression for a very long time, and has been admitted to two facilities to help her treat her depression, but it just worsened which resulted with her live suicide act.

Remember the Girl Who Committed Suicide Live? Here's Her Story!

Remember the Girl Who Committed Suicide Live? Here's Her Story!

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