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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Doctors Asked Her to Sacrifice Her Daughter so She Can Save Her Sons! What Happened Next Will Shock You!

     Chloe and Rohan already has 3 wonderful boys, but they really wanted a baby girl so they decided to try one more time and soon Chloe is pregnant which is a great news. After a few weeks Chloe went for her check up to make sure that her pregnancy was going well, and looks like she wasn't just having her fourth child, she was having her fifth and sixth child as well.

     On her 28th week of pregnancy she again went for her check up which made her shocked to know that she was going to have 2 boys and a girl, but she has to make a decision which is very hard for her. The 2 boys were developing well and is on schedule, but the girl was underdeveloped and its getting serious everyday.

      Chloe's doctors explained that the girl would die unless she undergo a surgery, but there's a catch, it would put the 2 boys at risk. It was a tough decision but Chloe decided to give her triplets a chance. As soon as she gave birth, her babies were placed in the ICU and with each passing day, her triplets grew healthier and stronger.

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