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Friday, November 18, 2016

Do You Take Your Phone With You Inside The Toilet? You Must Read This Before Something Happens...

You love your smartphone, right? I love my phone too. Do you know, bringing a smartphone and using it in the bathroom doesn't make you smart! I know, you are very active and can't miss any call, you are using your every second.

It's fine, your Instagram or Facebook selfie is that awesome that you have to check the number of likes every time you see your cell phone. If you're doing so while being in toilet then you're inviting germs creating serious illness.

Here are more reasons, why you should stop taking your phone inside the toilet.

Germs can cause perils.

Using cell phones in the bathroom can get infected with your lingering germs or fecal matter. Yes, you wash your hands well after every toilet break but for sure you don't sanitize your phone. Ewww, later you put it on your face when your parent called!

Give yourself time...others can wait!
Public Contamination.

Germs can get deposited onto mobile phones that could then lead to either diseases or transmission of the infection through touching somebody else. If you're not wiping off the phone with an alcohol wipe, then it could lead to a "cumulative effect of bacteria".

Invisible Attackers.

You know there are many bacterium around such as E. coli, salmonella, C. difficile and norovirus etc. So, stay aware of them.

Affect the immune system.

These germs can attack even your immune system. Infected phone pass germs over hands and other parts of the body.

Share this story and save your friends of family persons from these germs.

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