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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What your does handwriting say about you?

Graphologists claim that your handwriting can reveal clues to your personality. See if any of these predictions ring true for you.

small handwriting
- Shy, studious, concentrated, meticulous

Large handwriting
- Love attention, outgoing, people-oriented

Average handwriting
- Well-adjusted, adaptable

Wide spacing between words
- You enjoy your freedom, don't like crowds, don't like to be overwhelmed

Narrow spacing between words
- Can't stand to be alone, tend to crowd people

Rounded letters
- Artistic, creative

Pointed letters
- aggressive, intense, intelligent, curious

Connected letters
- logical and systematic

Crossing the very top of the 'T'
- Good self-esteem, optimistic, ambitious

Crossing in the middle of the 'T'
- Confident, comfortable in your own skin

Open 'O'
- Expressive, social, talkative

Closed 'O'
- Private, introvert

Dot lands high over the 'i'
- Imaginative

Dot lands to the left of the 'i'
- Procrastinator

Dot is perfectly over the 'i'
- detail-oriented, organized, emphatic

Putting a circle over the 'i'
- Visionary or child-like

Slashing the 'i'
- overly self-critical

Credits to: TodayInManila, Buzzfeed

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