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Friday, August 26, 2016

SHOCKING! 7 Teens, You Won't Believe Actually Exist! MUST WATCH

Here's a list of teens all over the world that you won't believe actually exists!

 1. Julia Vins
- This teenager has the delicate facial features of a fashion model and the ripped physique of the Hulk!

2. Deepak Jangra
- 16 year old from India discovered his bizarre talent of withstanding electricity when he was fixing his mother's heater. This young Indian boy can resist up to 11,000 volts of electricity which is enough energy to power 500 houses.

3. Georgia Green
- Georgia Green suffers from a kleine-levin syndrome, a rare neurological sleep disorder which means that sometimes she sleeps more than a week. The condition which has no treatment or cure can strike 19-year-old teen, out-of-the-blue.

4. Alexandra Allen
- A 17-year-old teen is so allergic to water that even sweating can cause a potentially deadly burning rash. Alexandra Allen from Utah suffers from the condition, aquagenic urticaria which is so rare it affects only 35 people in the whole world.

5. Jaspreet Singh Kalra
- The 15-year-old Indian teenager from India is able to bend his body into a circle so his feet touches cheats and he's able to bend backward so far that his forehead touches his rear end. Jaspreeet learned he could twist his body in unusual ways at the age of 11.

6. Xiao Wei
- A 16-year-old girl used to be a happy and normal school student unfortunately, everything has been changed since she got macromastia. A rare condition were both bre@sts grow to an abnormally large size. However the shy girl kept it secret until her elder sitster found that Xiao Wei's bre@sts sag to a bellybutton.

7. Britney Marshall
- Britney Marshall is certainly a unique person. She decided not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and four older siblings. Unlike the other ladies, she is refusing to get bre@st implants which became a weird family tradition.

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