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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Creepy legends that turned out to be real! This will make you stay up all night.

Have you ever heard an urban legend only to shrug it off because it couldn't possibly be true? We probably all have at some point in our lives.

The creepy thing is, sometimes these stories we hear are actually true.

Here are the top 10 creepy pasta and urban legends that are actually true:

1. Not a Halloween Decoration
- Every Halloween we see dozens of swinging bodies hanging from trees as decoration. They can be pretty creepy, but we all know they are just decorations. Or are they?

There have been several stories over the years of Halloween stunts and pranks gone wrong resulting in accidental hangings. A Louisville teen,trying to frighten his little sister,to pretended to hang himself but the loose somehow tightened and his sister and mother were unable to lift him to safely. And another unfortunate incident took place when a Delaware woman in her 40s committed suicide and was mistaken for Halloween prop.

 2.The green man
- In Pittsburgh, there's a tale of a green man,otherwise known as charlie no-face,A terrifying story about a zombie-like creature that wanders the country roads late at night. While it makes a good threat to keep kids inside at night by telling them "The green man will get you if you wander late at night".

Charlie no-face was actually a man named Raymond Robinson. An electrical accident at 9-years-old caused him to become grotesquely disfigured. 1200 volts caused thin facial skin to basically melt,giving him a skull-like appearance. He became feared for his appearance,and in order to avoid causing a panic. He would walk around at night when no one would see him. Occasionally people would catch sight of him however and the legends began.

 3. Blackwater
- The legend goes that someone moves into a new house out in the country and their water comes out black or tastes off. It is later discovered that there was a body in the well or water supply the whole time seems like something straight out of a horror movie.
 But in 2013, guests at the Cecil hotel in Los Angeles complained that their water was a strange color and a horrible smell was coming from the taps. This went on for over a week before staff investigated and found the boy of a young woman,Elisa Lam floating in the rooftop water tank. The entire water system had to be drained and sanitized after her body was removed.

 4. Body farm
- Tv and movies have shown run the horror of uncovering fields full of bodies when a serial killer is caught. They confess and tell the detectives where the bodies are hidden and the crime scene team digs for hours to uncover the numerous victims. Body farms in real life are used by forensic anthropology students to study degrees of decomposition in a variety of settings. Bodies are donated each year and are placed throughout the facility to decompose for research purposes. There are six such facilities in the United States that cover several acres.

 5. Body under the bed
- Anyone who was watched enough crime shows has seen a dead body discovered under a hotel mattress. Seem like the stuff of fiction right? How could someone stay in the same room as a decomposing body and not notice? They'd notice the smell at the very least,or so we expect.

Despite sounding too unbelievable to be true,this exact scenario has happened several times in the united states over the years. One man discovered the body of a young woman under his bed when he dropped the room's tv remote and reached under the bed to pick it up.

 6. Carnival funhouse corpse
-We've all heard the story that one of the Disney parks contains actual human bones as part of their 'Pirates of the Caribbean"ride or we've seen a horror movie where the funhouse dummy was actually a corpse.

Well, in long beach,California,way back in 1976,that's exactly what was discovered at the pike amusement park,one spooky ride included a hanged man. The crew of tv series 'The six million dollar men was setting up a scene when one member spotted the dummy. When he went to move it,he accidentally knocked off the hand,revealing human bones instead of wires. It was later discovered that the nearly mummified remains belonged to Elmer Mccurdy,a train robbing outlaw that died in a shooting in 1911. His body was displayed at the funeral home and later claimed by men that said they were his brothers,but turned out to be a traveling carnival.

 7. Bloody mary
-We've all heard this one at sleepovers or at summer camp. If you go into a pitch dark bathroom with a single candle and say "Bloody Mary"three times,her terrifying face will appear in the mirror. In truth,'Bloody Mary'did actually exist. It was the nickname given to Queen Mary I,in reference to her violent six-year reign. But that's far as the truth goes. If the required ritual is performed,it's not bloody mary people are seeing,but that's as far as the truth goes. If the required ritual is performed,it's not bloody mary people are seeing,but an optical illusion or hallucination caused by the dim light. Or,people expect to see something in the mirror,so their brain fills in the blanks.

 8. Anesthesia awareness
-One of the terrifying things someone could think of would be to wake up during surgery and be unable to move-screaming on the inside feeling every slave. While it seems like the stuff of nightmares,it, unfortunately, has really happened in rare instances.

The phenomenon is called 'anesthesia awareness'. It's a potential complication that can happen while under general anesthesia when unconsciousness is not maintained completely. This sometimes happens due to a patient being more resistant to the medication than others. It only affects 0.2% of surgical patients however and many of those don't fully recall the sensations.

 9. The Uninvited
-Urban legends,tv shows, and movies tell of a stranger or entity living in a person's house without their knowledge. It comes out to lurk and spy on the resident,while they never see anything but a shadow figure out of the corner of their eye.

For one man in Fukuoka,japan,this was no made-up story. He started to notice things going missing or being moved while he wasn't there or while he slept. Was his home haunted? did he have mice? he installed a camera in his apartment and discovered that a fifty-eight-year-old woman had been living in his cupboard for over a year,eating food from his fridge using his things and even taking showers.

10. Buried alive
-One of the worst nightmares people can think of involves being buried alive. While it seems like it couldn't be possible,it used to happen...a lot.

 Back in the early 1900s,doctors didn't have the tools we do today and would often declare a person dead if they fell into a coma,the pulse was too weak to feel or the heart rate too quiet to hear. It began to happen so often that coffins were rigged with a string tied around the corpse's wrist and attached to a bell above ground. The groundskeeper would patrol the graveyard to ensure none of the bells rang.

Credits to: TodayInManila, TheRichest

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