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Sunday, July 3, 2016

VIRAL! This lady uses little kid for stealing! Really disturbing. MUST WATCH

Children nowadays have now really good charm and innocent looking faces. But some people uses their children to do immoral actions and use their innocence for this.

A CCTV video on facebook went viral after seeing this little kid doing inappropriate things with his age.

In the video, the kid is with a woman wearing a helmet and trying to buy phone accessories on a shop. While the store owner was busy entertaining another customer, this lady commanded the boy to go inside the counter.

The boy easily gets through the counter and attempted to steal something on the left side drawer but there's nothing there. He tried on the other drawer and found a cellphone and immediately place it inside his pants and maybe walk right away.

Many netizens were disturbed by this video. Many were really frustrated with the lady because of what she taught to the boy at his young age. Watch the video below.

Credits to: Facebook

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