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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Telco will charge P5/call to '911' and '8888'! Netizens React to the proposed 5 peso charge.

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A lot of netizens were pleased with the new 911 and 8888 emergency hotline to be released this August. However, Globe Telecoms deferred a scheme to charge callers P5 per call and said that it would be “strictly complying” with its directives regarding their use.

In a statement on Thursday, July 28, the telecommunications company said this would include whether calls to “911” or “8888” would be free of charge or not.

“The government wants both 911 and 8888 to be executed similar to the 117 hotline, maintaining a status quo where only the number changed,” Globe said.

The Philippine National Police (PNP), was provided by the telco the Patrol 117 which was free of charge.

On Wednesday, July 27, Globe declared that while government hotlines would be part of their directory, it intend an additional P5 charge per call to those who would use them to discourage prank calls.

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