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Sunday, July 31, 2016

SHOCKING! This man successfully dropped from 25,000 ft with no parachute. What he did next is truly impressive.

A guy named Luke Aikins went viral online because of he's unbelievable stunt.

Luke has made nearly 20,000 parachute jumps but this time, it was like no other. The skydiver who worked on the film "Iron Man 3," jumped from a plane without any parachute or wingsuit on Saturday as part of a TV special, "Heaven Sent."

Luke Aikins dive out of a plane flying 25,000 feet over Simi Valley. After two minutes of freefall, he became the first skydiver to safely dock in a net.

Aikins says he knew it sounded crazy, but after years of preparation, he wanted people to see that with hard work, sometimes the impossible becomes possible.

Watch his video below.
Credits to: TodayInManila, LiveLeak

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