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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LOOK: 3,000 flood-trapped pigs under evacuation in east China

A total of 3,000 pigs trapped at a waterlogged farm in eastern China’s Anhui Province are being continuously removed with the help of local government workers. And while some will be given a new lease for life, dying seems inescapable for others. The relocation came after photos distribute online showing the animals marsh in water.

They would have possibly drowned to death. Earlier news had put a number of trapped hogs at 6,000, but the pig farm corrected the figure to 3,000 in an interview on Tuesday.

“Although the rain has stopped, the water will only gradually recede,” Xie Xin’an, manager of the swine farm, adding that it may take up to three days to have all the animals fully transfer out.

Those weighing under 80kg will be transported to a safe farm nearby, those exceeding will be sadly relocated to a nearby butchery center (which means some 1,000 will be sacrificed).

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