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Friday, July 1, 2016

"I'm not really after the fame." Says Duterte's Viral Lawer! MUST WATCH.

In Malacañang inside the Rizal Hall on Thursday, men anticipate for Rodrigo Duterte to take his words and guide in a period of promised change for the nation. It was a tense affair, as the time of uncertainty goes.

But for Attorney Alexis Lumbatan, no matter the number of the dilemma the new government handle, there is always a lace for laughter. "Sa sobrang dami nating problema, baka puwede naman tayo umatras ng kaunti at ngumiti," he said on ANC's "Top Story".

Lumbatan, who serves for Duterte's descendant, charm himself to Filipinos after he was noticed making faces during the inauguration. He winked and grin on public television, hoping to spread delight with those in audience and viewers at home or at work.

"Nauna ako doon sa ballroom and we were waiting [for President Duterte]. Tapos nakita ko na ipina-pan iyong camera. Sabi ko, korni naman nitong mga tao na ito, parang ang bo-boring. Inauguration ito eh, dapat festive. So sinimulan ko na, sabi ko yayariin ko na ito," he said.

Lumbatan's video has since earned more than four million views on Facebook. "I'm not really after the fame," he shared.

Credits to: ABS-CBN

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