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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WATCH!: This Girl Suffers From Severe Acne For 3 Years! Really Shocking. Watch How She Overcome This Part of Her Life.

A Youtuber named Elaine Mokk who lives in Canada shared her interesting story to her channel. She uploaded a video of her acne problem from 2009-2012. According to her, she started with a naturally clear skin but as time gone by, her skin just slowly starts to fight with acne. She overcomes her condition by taking medication and it makes her skin worse before it gets better. In September 2013, she finished medication and her skin just gets better. Watch her story below.

Credits to: Youtube

this video honestly makes me so happy. seeing images like this gives me so much hope that any type of acne is treatable. deserves endless likes
- Marven Kaywad

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