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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WATCH!: President Noynoy Aquino Deciding If Martial Law Will Be Declared In Sulu.

According to the current President Noynoy Aquino, which is known son of the ones who fight against the martial law during the Marcos time, that to suppress the Abu Sayaff he wanted to declare martial law in Sulu 3 weeks ago before the ransom deadline of Abu Sayaff.

But he also revokes it because he thinks that this will only aggravate the problem.
“Ang dami nating pwersang gagamitin just to implement Martial Law here. Parang walang guarantee na magkakaron ng positive result, baka magkaron pa ng negative result. Baka magkaron ng dagdag simpatya doon sa mga kalaban.”

Please watch the full video below.

Credits to: Youtube

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