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Thursday, June 16, 2016

WATCH!: The Japanese girl with an incredible stretching stomach, Yuka Kinoshita! Watch what how many nuggets can she eat in few minutes!

This girl, Yuka Kinoshita who is now a Youtube sensation because of her really amazing talent. She’s a Japanese and claimed to be an Oogui (大食い), meaning 'big eater'. In the video, she’s eating 150 pieces of McNuggets together win 2 medium ‘hyuga’ summer shakes and recently, Mcdo Japan is now offering 10pcs. per box McNuggets. But unfortunately, she failed to eat 150 pcs. but she managed to eat half of it in 21 minutes. Really impressive right? She said that she lack time because she always uploads a video at around 6pm and that video needs to be uploaded that’s why she cut the challenge. Check out the video below.

Credits to: Youtube

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