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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WATCH: He Grew Up Hating His Father and Blamed Him for his Mother’s Death. This will truly break your heart.

This short film made by a Singaporean that was about a father and son who hasn’t been talking to each other for 20 years. The little lad grew up hating his father and condemning him for the death of his mom.

They weren't likely to spend time with each other and his father cannot able to be with him because of his work to give his necessities. And when he comes home, he always scolds his son for his terrible grades. Then they never talked again.

The little boy grew up to be a successful businessman. The father felt sad for what happened between them, so one day, he decided to go to the community club where his son was working.

He got more interested because, in the organization, they were educated to bake his son’s favorite food, Tau Sar Piah.

Then one day, in the community where his son works he sat beside him and handed him the Piah that he baked.

It was hard for them, but in the end, they still ended up forgiving each other and his son even told him that the food he made was delicious.

Credits to: Youtube

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