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Saturday, June 18, 2016

VIRAL!: Yellow Dog Painted By The Owner To Avoid Scabies!

Photos of a dog painted in yellow in now getting viral on facebook and other social media sites. Some netizens were amused but some react to the situation and the harmful effect of paint on dogs or other animals.

The dog named as “Tisoy” was owned by Tisay and Ernie living on streets around Tayuman, Manila. Mang Ernie coated the dog with paint because he wanted to expunge the itchiness of the dog.

According to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, the odor of the paint is toxic to animals.
“They have to arm themselves with knowledge on responsible pet ownership. Hindi ito yung tamang paraan. Nakakapatay ito malamang ng mga kuto o mites that cause mange or galis pero toxic din ito dun sa mga hayop.”
- Anna Cabrera (Executive Director, PAWS)
A concerned citizen informed the dog owners that paint is a dangerous substance. Then they remove the paint to the dog.

Please watch the video below.

Credits to: Youtube

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