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Thursday, June 16, 2016

VIRAL!: Stephen Curry’s Wife Says That NBA Finals Game 6 was ‘Rigged’.

The Golden State Warrior failed to win the championship on NBA game 6 that made many fans, angry. Ayesha Curry, Steph Curry’s wife, turns into a ball of madness and posted her frustrations on social media. She tweeted that she lost respect and that the game was rigged.

She already deleted the tweet but various screenshots have been passed around social media. But shortly after deleting her controversial comment, Ayesha has apologized. She posted a couple of posts clarifying what made her blow out online.

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  1. I've missed the match because I was trying to find dissertation help online for my college purposes, but my boyfriend was there and watching it. He told me that the game was fair and he has no idea what kind of rigged game someone is talking about. I guess that she said it under the influence of the emotions after her husband lost the game. Nothing unusual. But I think that's great that she has apologized.

  2. Well, I can understand her. I remember when I ordered a paper from ThePensters company. They failed deadline and the quality of the paper was awful. And the worst part is that due to failed deadline I hadn't got time to correct mistakes because I got the paper an hour before an exam! I was really angry that day.


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