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Thursday, June 30, 2016

VIRAL!: Inspiring Story of A Man's Wonderful Transformation!

A photo posted by a guy named Dante Pascual Jr., inspired thousand of netizens online. On the photo, huge changes we're clearly seen. From a chubby into a more petite man.

Mr. Pascual is a basketball coach at Naga City Montessori School. From kid to a teenager, he's been fat his whole life. And an incident makes him convinced to change, his blood pressure shot up to 180/140 and his blood sugar reached 300, which is really dangerous for him.

From 147 kilos to 76 kilos in just a year. He lost almost half of his body volume. This will never be successful without the support from his family and friends.

"Many people are asking me what my secret was in losing weight. There is no secret, it's just discipline and commitment." - Dante Pascual Jr.

See full story below.

Credits to: Facebook

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