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Saturday, June 18, 2016

VIRAL!: Commuter Discriminated in Public Vehicles for Being ‘Overweight’.

Several UV Express drivers and operators are reported for discriminating overweight passengers. Uv Express vans were seen with stickers or signages saying “For Slim Passengers,” “2 Small,” “Slim Only,” and “Bawal Dito Mataba.”

Analisa Laroa a commuter who also experience discrimination while she was on a jeepney. The jeep can only contain 9 passengers, and when she hop on, other passengers were saying, “Ang sikip! Ang taba-taba mo kasi.” She feels ashamed and wanted to just drop out of the jeep.

LTFRB said that sometimes passengers with a plump body were charged with a double fare. There was no vehicle yet been caught but they warn them to remove the stickers and signages posted on their vans or else they will be facing penalties and punishments.

Please watch the video below.

Credits to: Youtube

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