Thursday, June 16, 2016

The True History of Valak. The Demon from the Conjuring 2.

We all know that The Conjuring is a true story or a movie that is based on a real paranormal event. While it’s true that the Warrens did inspect Amityville, and it’s true that they spend a few days consulting the actual investigators of the Enfield Poltergeist, and neither of these cases has anything to do with Valak in real life. Also, many people are really confused on why was this demon was dressed like a nun?

In demonology, Valac is the mighty Great President of Hell, having thirty (thirty-eight to other authors) legions of demons under his command. Valac is said to give true answers about hidden treasures; he reveals where serpents can be seen, and delivers them harmless to the magician. He is said to appear as a small poor boy with angel wings riding on a two-headed dragon. (source)

The demon featured in the movie the Conjuring 2 even though Warren’s state the name is Valak, we think that the demon showed a closer similarity to Beelzebub, the demon of lies.

Here's a video of the true story of The Conjuring 2 and what really happened to the Perron Family.

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  1. Paranormal issues are not strong enough to make the people understand about it's reality, but the conjuring story beyond all the intrinsic and extrinsic factors. They need smart essay help to complete the asisgnment just in time for the coming examination. There are many discussion about the conjuring life story, but it became true and it was accepted by many of the people in most of the countries.There Valak did an excellent job in his personal role in the movie.

  2. Here's the thing with stuff like this it's one thing to watch scary movies and to hear stories about stuff like this it wasn't until not that long ago that now Hollywood has glamorized so to speak about this stuff that has been around for years and years and stories about this go way back but it is different when people experience stuff like this versus the people who just hear about it I'm not religious by any means but I have experience things that cannot be explained


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