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Friday, June 17, 2016

SHOCKING!: A Giant Lizard Clings To The Door In Thailand! Watch What Will Happen Next!

A video of a giant lizard visiting a house in Thailand gone viral and named after a celebrity!

A giant monitoring lizard or a komodo dragon was caught clinging to a door of Attanai Thaiyuanwong on Thailand and gone viral. He captured the lizard that is as big as an adult hanging on the wall and wagging its tail. A man was also seen poking it with a stick but it’s unclear if he succeeded.

A man can be heard saying “Hia is in our house! It’s huge!”. Reptiles are called “Hia” in Thailand.

“They say if you throw a coin at it, it will go away! It’s like giving the lizard luck and fortune.” A woman on the background said. They even named the lizard as “Selena” for Selena Gomez who’s her sister’s favorite celebrity.

Please watch the video below.

Credits to: Faceboook

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